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Teeth Whitening

Big City Dental Whitening Options

boostIn-Office Boost-Big City Dental offers in-office whitening that provides immediate results. Opalescence boost is a 40% hydrogen peroxide power whitening gel that offers brighter, whiter teeth in just 90 minutes. Additionally Big City Dental includes On The Go trays for you to continue whitening at home.

go trays

On The Go-Big City Dental offers prefilled, disposable trays, allowing you to whiten on the go. Opalescence GO is an affordable, more effective alternative to over-the-counter whiteners.

traysCustomized Whitening Trays-Big City Dental can make you custom-fitted whitening trays which will allow you to whiten anytime you want by purchasing take home whitening gel. The Whitening gel comes in a variety of concentrations to suit your needs.

Please contact us today to see what type of whitening is best for you.

whitening gifWatch how Whitening transforms this smile.

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